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Purrpy Flight Seat is just like Purrpy Eggshell, besides being a practical IATA compliant carrier, it can transform into a tunnel hideout by removing both gates to use at home, and a comfortable cushion is provided right for that purpose.



1. soft silicon handle
2. detachable gull-wing gates
3. spring lock closure
4. body secured with screws
5. pee pad filter
6. anti-slip legs

Color: light gray / light brown

Product size: 52 x 37 x 35 cm
Packaging size: 55 x 40 x 40 cm
Product weight: 2kg

Every set comes with:

1x Purrpy Flight Seat

1x Soft Cushion

1x Pee Pad Filter

1x DIY Decorative Flower Studs (2022)


Launch date: 22 Jan 2022

Retail price: S$87

Promotion: Coming Soon

Retail partners: Lazada / MeowMerchants / NekojamShopeeTailStoreTheCatBackpack

Purrpy Flight Seat Gallery-06.jpg
Purrpy Flight Seat Gallery-03.jpg
Purrpy Flight Seat Gallery-04.jpg
Purrpy Flight Seat Gallery-02.jpg
Purrpy Flight Seat Gallery-05.jpg
Purrpy Flight Seat Gallery-01.jpg
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