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A brainchild of three like-minded friends who are unafraid to tread the unconventional path.

Our clear collective mission to help elevate lives of animals holistically was the precursor to establishing TAILS Inc. in year 2018.

Since inception, our team has dedicated to researching and handpicking the brands and products we represent and distribute. We love to think that our ingenuous purpose to benefit animals and their caregivers has helped the company grow organically.

Today, TAILS as a label holds two portfolios of brands– (1) Animal Healthcare & Wellness, and (2) Home & Lifestyle with pets. Our label is a mark of promise to supply only ethically-sourced brands and products; sharing honest knowledge and experience; and not be swayed by noise but continuously offer pet parents and caregivers better options to happy and healthy animals through the holistic approach [endnote 1].


1. An approach that supports sentient beings as a whole; considering factors connected to the body, mind, and spirit which includes good nutrition, adequate exercise, less stress/ happy environment, timely grooming, proper veterinary care, et cetera.

Holistic pet care does NOT eliminate conventional healing intervention and techniques that focuses on alleviating symptoms of diseases and illnesses, especially pain. It complements the works of scientific veterinarians, giving pet parents and caregivers more ways to help animals by introducing natural alternatives and integrative treatments and care.

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