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PEPPYTAIL Grooming Products

using only natural ingredients

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Peppytail has a collection of aromatherapuetic grooming products made from organic ingredients and essential oils. The calculated concoctions are made to address and manage many common skin and fur troubles.

Key Benefits

  • Shampoo: Relieves common skin and fur troubles, detoxing and calming.

  • Ear Water: Relieves common ear troubles, such as debris build ups; bacteria manifetations; and yest / fungi infections, detoxing and calming.

  • Sleeping Beauty Essence: Relieves stressed, dry and itchy skin, lifting skin and fur woes to promote better sleep.

  • Helmet Essence: Revives dull and damaged hair via promoting protein generation and collagen synthesis in fur, resulting a healthy voluminous coat.

Who should use PEPPYTAIL Grooming Products?

  • Dogs and cats with ear, skin and coat troubles

  • Dogs and cats with poor sleeping quality

  • Dogs and cats that gets nervous or anxious easily

  • Dogs and cats with usual thin coat

Cautions & Contraindications: Do not use Peppytail Grooming Products for furkids under 3 months old, and dogs and cats that are severely ailing. Instead, supplement with CHARM Post-biotics if necessary. Speak to us or your vet before using CHARM Post-biotics for dogs and cats.

Why use PEPPYTAIL Grooming Products?

  • Aromatherapeutic, nerve calming with mild natural fragrance

  • All natural ingredients, no chemical detergent, synthetic perfume or coloring

  • Carefully calculated and concocted, safe for all dogs and cats

  • Proven effective with many positive reviews

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