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The company behind the cutting-edge brand CHARM, develops nutritional supplements and therapeutics for pets, specialising in the science behind cell immunity and -biotics.

After its Pro-biotics gained a strong cult following due to its conservative yet effective formulae, CHARM pioneered the launch of Post-biotics for companion animals with a patented output in year 2020.


About the Founder

Trained and practiced pharmaceutical science in Australia, Tasha returned to Republic of Korea to establish Peppytail due to her love for animals.

Her mission is to raise the bar of safety and efficacy for pet therapies and health supplements. She eventually launched CHARM, a brand that promises well-researched; evidence-based; and worry-free products for your pets and hers.

Since 2018, Tasha helms Peppytail and tirelessly work to formulate each and every CHARM products to meet her exceptionally high standards.

What Makes CHARM Products Different

  • Each has a unique proprietary formula that was thoroughly researched and developed to ensure uncompromised quality and safety

  • Ingredients are tested prior to every batch manufacturing for safety

  • Made holistically for no or low stress and easy administration

Product Line-up available for wholesale

Coming soon

CHARM Glucan.jpg

CHARM Glucan

for dogs and cats

CHARM Fuco-Dental.jpg

CHARM Fuco-Dental

for dogs and cats

Singapore retail partners: BeastBuddy / Neko Neko / PapapetshopTAILStore

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